HP DeskJet 850c Printer – Driver Download, Setup and User Guide


Detailed Guide to Setting Up the HP DeskJet 850c Printer


The HP DeskJet 850c is a versatile printer suitable for both home and office use. With its easy setup process and reliable performance, this printer can meet your printing needs.

Setting Up the Printer

1. Unpack the Printer:
* Remove the printer from its packaging and place it on a stable, level surface.

2. Install the Ink Cartridges:
* Open the printer’s top cover and remove the protective tape from the ink cartridge slots.
* Insert the color cartridge (tri-color) into the left slot and the black cartridge into the right slot.
* Replace the cover and wait for the printer to align the cartridges.

3. Connect to Power:
* Connect the power cord to the printer and a power outlet.
* Turn on the printer using the power button on the front panel.

4. Install the Software:
* Insert the HP software CD into your computer.
* Follow the on-screen instructions to install the printer drivers and software.

Connecting to a Computer

5. Using a USB Connection:
* Connect one end of a USB cable to the printer’s USB port and the other end to an available USB port on your computer.

6. Using a Wireless Connection:
* Ensure that your computer is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the printer.
* Press the Wi-Fi button on the printer and follow the instructions on the LCD screen to connect it to the network.

Printing a Test Page

7. Print a Test Page from the Computer:
* Open any document or image on your computer.
* Select “Print” from the File menu.
* Choose “HP DeskJet 850c” as the printer and click “Print.”

8. Print a Test Page from the Printer:
* Press the “Resume” button on the printer’s control panel.
* Hold down the “Start Copy Color” button while pressing the “Resume” button twice. This will print a configuration page that includes the printer’s status and alignment information.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

The Printer Does Not Turn On:
* Check if the power cord is securely connected to both the printer and the power outlet.
* Try using a different power outlet.

The Printer Cannot Print:
* Ensure that the printer is connected to a power source and turned on.
* Verify that the ink cartridges are properly installed and have sufficient ink.
* Check if the paper tray is filled with paper.
* Try restarting the printer by turning it off and then back on.

Poor Print Quality:
* Clean the printhead by using the HP Printhead Cleaning Utility.
* Replace the ink cartridges if they are low or empty.
* Align the printhead by printing an alignment page from the printer’s control panel.

Wi-Fi Connection Problems:
* Ensure that your computer and the printer are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
* Restart the printer and the Wi-Fi router.
* Check if the printer has a valid IP address by printing a configuration page.


Following the steps outlined in this guide will ensure a successful setup of your HP DeskJet 850c printer. By connecting it via USB or wirelessly and resolving any potential issues, you can enjoy reliable and high-quality printing experiences.

Download HP DeskJet 850c Printer Driver

Ensure your device is fully compatible with the latest drivers for the HP DeskJet 850c Printer. Downloading and installing the correct driver software is essential for optimal functionality and performance.

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